The Importance of Security & Safety at Memory Care Facilities


Thousands of older adults have begun living in Cypress memory care facilities for a number of reasons. But, the main one is that as we age, it’s understood that we will need additional help completing daily tasks such as bathing, remembering to take medicine, and more.

When your loved one is about to move into assisted living, one of the top things on your mind is security & safety. What security measures are used and why is it important?

In this brief guide, you’ll find out more about the importance of securing a senior living facility. Hopefully, it will help to provide you with an increase in your peace of mind as your loved one gets used to their new surroundings.

Routine is Beneficial for Overall Health 

When you lay your head down at night, if you think you’re in a place that isn’t safe, it can cause you to toss and turn throughout the night. This results in poor sleeping habits that can begin to affect your health.

When you don’t sleep well, in severe cases, it can cause your organs to shut down. It can also cause issues with your appearance and things like balance.

For older adults, this can not only affect their physical health but also their mental health, which is not something you want to worry about when your loved one is in an assisted living facility. 

Reduces Wandering

Another reason that security measures need to be in place in memory care is because there may be some residents who have poor memory or suffer from Alzheimer’s. The last thing you want is for someone to walk out one of the exit doors and wander away without knowing how to get back.

However, you can use security measures such as limiting the number of areas where someone can enter and leave the facility. It also helps if you use some sort of technology for people to enter the facility like employees using key fobs or designated passcodes.

In-Room Monitoring of Patients

While you want residents to maintain their peace of mind and independence, they also need to be monitored in case something happens. When security is taken seriously, there will be ways to monitor residents, including having them wear an alarm system that will notify staff in case they fall and need help.

Being able to call for help is important because, in some cases, time is of the essence, and people need to be assisted. These systems should be monitored by a member of your security team or a staffing member who knows what steps to take when they respond to an emergency.

Cypress Memory Care: We Take Your Loved One’s Security Seriously

At a facility that offers Cypress memory care, your loved one matters. We want to ensure they rest well at night, knowing their needs are being met.

Are you ready to help your loved one move into their new memory care facility? Contact Silvercrest Senior Living for more help today. We’re here to help your loved one take the next step. 

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