Benefits of SilverCrest Assisted Living Facility

How we are Different from other Assisted Living Communities

When it comes to Assisted Living, SilverCrest Assisted Living and Memory Care delivers first-rate accommodations, top notch care, and five-star customer service. Our communities are designed to facilitate your loved ones health and well-being, all within our intimate and private 14 resident housed buildings.

Our communities offer safety, ease, personalization, and an array of social and recreational activities.

Below we provide additional information on our better and different story!

A Comfortable, Innovative Assisted Living Community

SilverCrest Assisted Living and Memory Care bestows modern and comfortable conveniences and amenities that deliver peace of mind.

Our experienced associates provide residential needs and personalized care that achieves the needs of our residents and families.

We afford a surprising level of care that is incomparable Assisted Living and Memory Care communities. SilverCrest provides our residents with comfortable, intimate communities, housing only 14 residents in each building.

This allows us to provide a direct care associate to resident ratio of 1 associate to every 5 residents at minimum and does not include any of our key team or other departmental members.

Our commitment is to create an intimate environment in our community that warrants the same calm, security, and liberation that our residents obtained and enjoyed living on their own.

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Custom & Individualized Assistance is Only a Phone Call Away

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Focused Care within our Intimate Community Environment​

Providing an incredible level of care that is unmatched among nursing homes and assisted living communities, we provide our senior residents with intimate, well-sized living facilities, housing up to 14 residents at a time.

This ensures SilverCrest can provide a direct care associate ratio of one associate to every five residents at a minimum, an arrangement that allows us to give residents 24-hour service whenever they need help.

Because of our small community size and focused, personalized care, SilverCrest’s service is unmatched in the senior housing industry.

Daily Living Skills and Needs Catered to Every Resident

SilverCrest delivers a tailored service plan of care for each resident based on family members’ input, resident care requirements, medical history, contributions from providers, specialists, and our community care team.

Our skilled team of associates will take this information and ensure every resident’s needs, from vital clinical care, medication management, culinary support, transfers, prompting, cuing, daily personal care assistance, and many further services.

Every detail communicated with our team is utilized in our resident care plan that ensures each resident feels self-assured and secure in their new living environment. Here at SilverCrest, we are family.

Enjoy Genuinely Relaxed Assisted Senior Living at SilverCrest

At SilverCrest Assisted Living and Memory Care in Katy, TX, near Cypress and Bridgeland, we believe that our residents command more than just a place to live — they deserve a place to prosper. Our purpose is to cater to exactly that. Excellent Assisted Living and Memory Care, where we become their second home.

SilverCrest isn’t just any place — it’s “home” where we celebrate each resident and provide a fulfilled lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about our services and to discuss any specific questions you may have. We are here for you.

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FAQ's about SilverCrest's Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities

We provide well-designed and thoughtfully prepared living spaces that contain all the amenities our assisted living community residents will want and need. Each living area is designed with comfort and safety in mind, ensuring residents are able to enjoy the pleasures of independent living while also receiving assistance from our direct care providers whenever they need help. Residents can choose from one of our three spacious floor plans:

  • The Metropolitan – This floor plan contains two units, each with a single private room and bathroom attached, providing incredible comfort and independence for residents. Living area dimensions are 10 feet 6 inches by 14 feet 2 inches, while each bathroom is 7 feet 6 inches by 10 feet by 1 inch. One room also provides a 5-foot closet, while the second attached unit has a closet that is 3 feet by 6 inches. In total, each of these lovely units provides 182 square feet of excellent living space.
  • The Carnegie – This floor plan also contains two units with single private apartment rooms and a larger shared bathroom. Each unit’s living area is 14 feet 2 inches by 10 feet and has a 3 feet 8 inches closet. The shared bathroom provides side-by-side sinks with a long, wide mirror as well as a full 8 feet, 2 inches by 11 feet, 5-inch area. Providing a total area of 177 square feet, each unit is spacious and easy to share, perfect for couples and senior friends to enjoy.
  • The Broadway – This floor plan is our biggest and most comfortable for assisted living facility residents, boasting a shared double room with a total of 360 square feet and plenty of space for sleeping and sitting areas. It also offers a large 6-foot 6-inch by 14-foot 2-inch bathroom, as well as a 4-foot 7-inch closet. The Broadway can provide an excellent residence for prospective residents who would like to share a living space.

Every space is designed to provide a degree of independence and comfort, depending on what our residents and their families prefer. In addition, each unit is equipped with bathroom grab bars and non-slip surfaces throughout each room to ensure residents are safe.

In addition to providing excellent assisted living spaces, we are also a skilled nursing facility with direct caregivers available to provide fast, responsive personal care for every resident’s needs and can even help with activities of daily living, such as standing, bathing, dressing, or eating.

Our trained nurses are also experienced in providing memory care and medical care to seniors with chronic health conditions and disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, ensuring families that their elder loved ones are safe and comfortable through our skilled nursing care staff.

SilverCrest Assisted Living and Memory Care provides the best possible board and care for our assisted living community members and their families.

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