Assisted Living & Memory Care

A Life Well Lived Deserves an Exceptional Place to Call Home

Experience Compassionate Care with a Personal Touch!

We Celebrate Life

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At SilverCrest, we perform daily to invigorate the personality and spirit of each resident with an inspiring and stimulating lifestyle that successfully merges comfort, care, and safety. Every day, our specialized trained associates focus on initiating encounters that ignite happiness with fulfilling activities, interests, and renewed memories.  

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We Deliver a Lifestyle of Specialized Care

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SilverCrest accommodates a comprehensive variety of resident requirements and interests with emotional, spiritual, physical, and cognitive programs, along with purposely designed endeavors. Together, we nurture and assist each resident to reach their optimum potential by safely promoting excitement, new adventures, past pleasures, and autonomy.


We Are About Dignity

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Life at SilverCrest derives from encouragement, support, and empathy in a protected and attentive environment that fulfills the expressed desires, necessities, and likings of each resident and their loved ones. For our residents touched by a decline in health or those experiencing unfavorable cognitive impacts there is no substitute for tenderhearted oversight, which SilverCrest associates deliver directly, proficiently, and copiously. 

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We Are Committed to Quality

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It is more than safeguarding that each resident has a comfortable place to live. At SilverCrest, providing a lifestyle of individual dignity goes far beyond the fundamentals. With only sixteen residents in each of our separate buildings on our campus, we are organized and designed to provide a differentiated environment, as close to what home used to be. We understand that it is often the little things that touch a receptive passion in a resident; from the flavor of fresh homemade meals and snacks prepared daily in our country kitchen, activities that bring happiness, and attention delivered with compassion by professionals with a smile and tender care.

Personalized Assistance is Just a Call Away!

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We Are About Family

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At SilverCrest, the term “family” embraces not only those with whom we grew up with and surround ourselves with personally, we also become an extension of you, your family, and that of your loved ones. We are here to serve each of you, every day.  Our role is to live and serve with a familiar smile, a joyful heart, compassion, and a deep sense of trust because here at SilverCrest, we thrive as one celebrated “family.”

Our Promise To You!

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To provide incomparable care, comfort, joy, dignity, and a sense of belonging that is contagious among our residents, their extended families and always among our associates. Our residents and their families appreciate our purposeful setting and engaging programs, as well as our motivation to serve and meet each resident’s short and long-term needs.

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 Welcome to SilverCrest and Welcome Home!

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Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose SilverCrest?

Life at SilverCrest comes with support, assistance, and compassion in a thoughtful atmosphere that fulfills the expressed desires, essentials and preferences of each resident family for their loved one. Our home/apartments provide generous group and personal space in the comfortable environment of our campus, where each building accommodates 16 total residents, allowing our trained caregivers to care for each resident in a personalized manner that is administered to the highest standards. 

When is the Right Time to Choose Assisted Living?

The right time to choose SilverCrest as your new home or a new home for your loved one, depends on many factors. When you or your loved one begin needing help with daily activities such as dressing, bathing and eating, or experiencing health problems that require more medical care than can be provided by family or friends, that is the time to speak with us at SilverCrest and determine how we can help. SilverCrest’s associate-to-resident ratio of 1:5-one associate per five residents- greatly exceeds normal requirements for Assisted Living and Memory Care communities, assuring that each SilverCrest resident receives abundant and optimal daily attention. Our individualized programming offers a full range of activities with a focus on social, physical and therapeutic improvement that keep residents active and attentive while minimizing. agitation, depression, boredom and other adverse feelings or behaviors.

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