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We Celebrate Life

At Silvercrest, we work daily to revitalize the spirit of each resident with an inspiring lifestyle that effectively merges comfort, care and safety in an environment that fosters individuality. Each day, Silvercrest resident’s experiences sparks of joyfulness in gratifying activities and pastimes.  

We Deliver a Lifestyle of Specialized Care

Our Silvercrest community accommodates a wide range of resident needs and interests with emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive programs, along with specifically designed activities. Together, we nurture and assist each resident to reach their optimum potential by safely promoting independence and self-reliance.

We Are about Dignity

Life at Silvercrest comes with support, assistance and compassion in a protected and thoughtful atmoshphere that fulfills the expressed desires, essentials and preferences of each resident family for their loved one. For our residents touched by declines in health- and those with memory issues- there is no substitute for kindhearted care, which Silvercrest associates deliver personally, professionally and abundantly. 

We Are Committed to Quality

It’s more than ensuring that each resident has a comfortable place to live. At Silvercrest, providing a lifestyle of personal dignity goes far beyond the basics. With just 16 residents in each of our on-campus communities, we are organized and designed to provide for each resident their own personalized environment and daily regimen. We understand that it is often the little things that touch a responsive chord in each resident’s senses: the flavor of fresh, homemade meals and snacks prepared daily in our own country kitchen, favorite activities that bring them pleasure, and daily care delivered with compassion by professionals with friendly faces, skilled hands, and gentle care.

We Are About Family

At SilverCrest, the term “family” includes not just those with whom we grew up, but particularly now those who entrust their loved ones to us: those we live to serve each day.  To each resident and their family we are represented and remembered by a familiar smile, a joyful heart, a moment of compassion, and a deep sense of trust because here we all thrive as one great “family.” 

We Know Family Matters

At Silvercrest, each resident and their family become part of our larger Silvercrest family. Every resident’s life history is unique and their individual preferences and habits are linked to the activities, interests, and personal tastes they acquired and appreciated over a lifetime.

Life and work at Silvercrest requires incredibly passionate and loving people who care for our residents, have the skills to attend to each of their care needs, and the desire to assure each resident’s family of their loved one’s comfort.

Our Promise To You!

To provide exceptional care, comfort and joy, dignity, and a sense of belonging that is contagious among our residents, their extended families and always among our associates. Our residents and their families appreciate our purposeful setting and engaging programs, as well as our motivation to serve, along with the specialized programs we create and the support we provide to meet each resident’s daily and long-term needs.

 Welcome to SilverCrest! And Welcome Home!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose SilverCrest?

Life at Silvercrest comes with support, assistance, and compassion in a thoughtful atmosphere that fulfills the expressed desires, essentials and preferences of each resident family for their loved one. Our residences provide generous group and personal space in the comfortable environment of our campus, where each building accommodates 16 total residents, allowing our trained caregivers to care for each resident in a personalized manner that is administered to the highest standards. 

When is the Right Time to Choose Assisted Living?

The right time to choose Silvercrest as your new home or a new home for your loved one, depends on many factors. When you or your loved one begin needing help with daily activities such as dressing, bathing and eating, or experiencing health problems that require more medical care than can be provided by family or friends, that is the time to speak with us at Silvercrest and determine how we can help. Silvercrest’s associate-to-resident ratio of 1:5-one associate per five residents- greatly exceeds normal requirements for Assisted Living and Memory Care communities, assuring that each Silvercrest resident receives abundant and optimal daily attention. Our individualized programming offers a full range of activities with a focus on social, physical and therapeutic improvement that keep residents active and attentive while minimizing. agitation, depression, boredom and other adverse feelings or behaviors.